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And what an amazing year 2017 is already shaping up to be!
Firstly, don't forget to register at for the training event in Frankfurt with Melayne Shayne and Kancho Cameron Shayne! Kancho has kindly agreed to offer us 5... yes, 5 intensive days of BADASSERY right here in Europe (17th - 21st May)! It's an event not to be missed! The usual 3 day weekend option will still be available for those unable to get the time off work, so come an...d join the fun!
What else is new?? We have inspirational training days galore this year that are designed to get you motivated, refreshed and re-inspired by this awesome practise! If you know people that have never tried Budokon, then bring them along!
Get ready, because Sensei Jake White is putting the finishing touches to organising our trip to Brighton in February!! It might be a cold month for the seaside but the training will keep us warm!
Meanwhile, Sensei Ian Rigg is organising something special for us in the Lake District this summer... watch this space!
London will be the play ground for our inspiration days in June and if you check the events page, you'll find that Sensei Caroline Wickham has been a busy bee! All the 'I's have been doted and all the 'T's have been crossed for our fantastic weekend retreat away to the beautiful Island of Guernsey (24th - 26th March)! Don't delay, get those flights booked 'cos this is the escape you've been waiting for!!
It is all so, so, so EXCITING... Grab ya yoga mats, tighten your BDK belts and lets do this!!! Wooohooo!

Chinese New Year 2016!

It's the year of the Monkey! In Budokon we do more than our fair share of monkeying around and I'm considered to be a bit of a cheeky monkey myself! We have also just recently had a brand new bouncing baby ninja join our household! Little baby Dominic has already stolen the title of Cheekiest Monkey in the family! What better time than the new year and the arrival of a new baby for me to offer something else new?

So, welcome to the launch of my new website dedicated specifically to all things Budokon (and a few extras too for good measure)! It is a work in progress but your comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

Check out the events page and see what's cooking, maybe even sign up for an activity near you or be adventurous and join me at an event in another country!

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