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Nourish, Move, Meditate, Educate

Home of BUDOKON Sensei Beko Kaygee. Yoga Teacher, Martial Arts Instructor, Movement Coach, Course Tutor & International Fitness Presenter.

This is the place to visit to find out about his classes, courses, workshops and events both in the UK and worldwide!

Book your freE BudoKon trial/taster session

The free taster session is open to anyone who has never experienced one of the Budokon training methods before (your honesty and integrity here is honoured and appreciated). The idea here is to give new students/ participants a chance to try Budokon and see what it is all about before making any kind of commitment to regular classes.

The offer is open to London residents only as a ‘try before you buy incentive’. UK residents not living in London and all Non - UK residents will be considered as visitors and are required to pay the normal drop-in guest fee.

If you have already attended a Budokon class, workshop, seminar, event or experience anywhere in the world before (no matter how long ago), then you will already know what BDK is all about regardless of whether you did Yoga, Mobility, Calisthenics, Grappling, Jujitsu, Striking, Sparring, Self Defence or Martial Arts. As such, you already see the value in our practise (which is why you want to attend). So, it is kindly requested that you show respect by honouring that value, being honest and congruent with the “Do” (Way) in BUDOKON. In other words (that are congruent with my own beliefs & principles) and in the spirit of my straight speaking Kancho : Cameron Shayne… Stop being a cheapskate and pay for the F**king class!


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