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Mixed Movement Arts Intensive

  • The Lodge Space 120 Lower Road London, England, SE16 2UB United Kingdom (map)

7 - 8 SEPTEMBER 2019

[The UK “Becoming Budokon” Experience]

Are you curious about Budokon and want to see what all the fuss is about? A mover who just wants to “step up” your game? Already started doing Budokon and want to take it to the next level? Already trained in one or more of our 5 movement disciplines and now ready to “go deep” to see what it takes to physically “Become Budokon” (remember Movement is just one of the SIX PILLARS of the Budokon System)? Or maybe you’re already on the path, a fully fledged “Future” BDK Black Belt” who just wants a little “top up” between Miami visits or the European 5 day camps (and an excuse to catch up with the BDK Famalam)?! Well, we’ve gotcha covered and this is the event you’ve been looking for! So come on down and join Teachers from across Europe for an inspirational weekend of Mixed Movement Arts “Badassery” - Love Warrior Style!


Saturday: Beginner to Advanced - Yoga, Various Martial Arts, Boxing, Striking, Footwork, Animal Locomotion, Mobility, Inversions & Handstand Training. Price: £120

Sunday: The Art of Movement - Suitable for all levels of new and existing Budokonistas!

Adaptations & progressions will be offered to cater for varying needs and abilities: Yoga, Mobility, Groundwork, BJJ, Self Defence, Striking, Capoeira and more! Price: £120


Save £40 and get the full weekend experience! Don’t miss any of the fun. Each day will have different masterclasses from our team of Mixed Movement Instructors some of whom will only be available to teach on one of the two days.

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